Project Quality

Project quality is a direct result of how time, cost and scope are managed. Although most of us would agree that cheaper, faster and better is an unattainable goal, you can still ensure quality within project delivery. Different projects have different needs. Understanding the rules of engagement and setting expectation will save time and/or money while ensuring that project is delivered according to scope.

A change in scope will affect both cost and time. Based on project goals, is modifying features and functionality an option? If scope is altered, cost and time will need to be adjusted accordingly or else project quality will suffer. A scope reduction will most likely lead to less project costs and possibly a shorter project duration. On the other hand, a scope expansion entails additional costs while the timeline of the project may or may not be flexible. As scope changes become more complex, a change order log will be your best friend. If scope is not managed properly, cost and time will change which will negatively impact project quality.

Scope may remain intact while project timeline needs to be compressed or extended. In both cases, cost will go up in order to maintain project quality. Stakeholder management becomes extremely important and plays a pivotal role in making sure it is understood that schedule compression or expansion will drive project costs up. If project schedule isn’t actively being managed, it will be impossible to quantify and justify additional costs as well as remobilization fee when applicable.

In order to successfully deliver a quality project, scope must be managed, stakeholders must engaged and managed, clear expectations must be set, cost much be controlled and project schedule managed.

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