Project Communication Plan

During the execution of a project, a great deal of time is spent communicating with team members and stakeholders. In order to efficiently manage a communication plan, a strategy must be developed to ensure that communication is effective along with carrying out activities necessary to implement the communication strategy. While communication activities have many potential dimensions, it is imperative to understand stakeholders preferred method of information exchange.

As they say, "communication is not what you say but rather what the other person hears". It is crucial to manage the political environment of a project when distributing information. The successful completion of a project is often dependent on various external factors. In other words, communication plan can either make or break a project if it isn't clear with information distributed to the proper stakeholder and most importantly at the right time.

Given that stakeholder engagement is an important component of a project communication plan, one must understand the stakeholder influence matrix. With that said, an effective communication plan must fully understand and address the interests of all stakeholders as said interests vary and can relate to productivity, environment, quality, technology or other ethical issues.

Let's find out how R&BR Consultancy can help you and your company manage and build a robust communication plan for all ongoing projects.

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