From Storming to Norming

During these unprecedented times, growing a business entails accepting the storming phase as part of the process of building a high performing team with the capability to adapt. As employees begin to execute and form different opinions, conflicts will arise. In addition to role and expectation confusion, working in a business political hierarchy can fuel the fire in the storming phase.

The key to a successful storming to norming transition is to embrace the conflicts and come up with an adequate conflict resolution plan. Addressing conflicts can be uncomfortable but it is important to remember that it isn't personal. Conflict avoidance isn't always the best strategy. If the core issues aren't addressed, they will continue to hinder the evolution of the business.

Once conflicts start being resolved, the business will gradually move into the norming phase. Collaboration will be in full swing as responsibilities and roles will be much clearer and expectations set.

In the next short article, we will touch base on the different types of conflict resolution strategy.

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