Accountability & Change

Often times, employees and even organizations confuse accountability for aggression. Most employees will push back whenever there is change in the workplace whether it is a new vision, new management or simply a new process. Even if the changes taking place will help the company in the long run and overall work life balance, people are generally not comfortable getting out of their comfort zone.

Change sometimes shed lights on efficiency issues and/or lack of productivity. Holding employees and team members accountable is crucial in high performance environment . Note that for employees underperforming, being held accountable will feel like an attack as they are not willing to get out of their comfort zone and acknowledge how their decisions along with their behaviors negatively impact the rest of the organization or team.

Accountability within a team or organization means that everyone is responsible for their actions, decisions, behaviors and performance. The process of holding team members or employees accountable helps distinguish the ones committed to work and the ones more likely to struggle within high performance environment. Although the goal is to have everyone embraced the changes taking place, keep in mind that some people will be left behind, some will require additional training while others will adapt just fine. The key is to identify early on the ones worth the investment to avoid cancerous situation. After all, the best way to lose good employees is to tolerate bad ones.

As changes occur, conflicts will rise. Understanding the type of conflicts and how to manage them will be key in weathering the storming phase within the organization or team. Reach out to us and find out how we can bring value in assisting you managing changes and political environment within your organization or project teams.

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