Emotions and Strategic Decisions Making

At the management level in the corporate world, decision making is one of the biggest responsibilities. While being emotionally intelligent is important, using emotions to make strategic decisions can be catastrophic to a business. Embracing new ideas while remaining logical will be quite challenging if one is too emotionally involved.

Taking the time to connect with your team on a personal level (within limits), can positively influence productivity. However, let us not forget that personal relationships can hinder business progress and growth. We cannot completely detached ourselves from emotions since they are part of us as much as the logical side is, but finding a middle ground will be crucial to a healthy business environment.

There is a difference between passion and emotional attachment. Passion is an essential component when growing a business and taking it to new heights. Often times, emotional attachment is confused for passion which creates a process of selective choice of facts when tangible gathered data contradicting said facts is rejected.

The key is to learn to balance emotions with facts. Emotions and strategic decisions making can be hard to recognize when they conflict and one fails to realize that he or she is being emotional. Always keep in mind: "it is not personal, it is business".

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